Size Guide and Conditions

Sizes in vintage do not always reflect what we expect.

This is why we indicate the wearability of the garments and for many we report the measurements in cm.

Here's how to compare measurements in three simple steps.


Choose an item from your closet that is similar to the one you want to buy and make sure it is the perfect fit for you.


Place it on a straight surface , on a table for example.

Measuring tape in hand and... off with the measurements!


Take the drawings shown here as a reference and compare the measurements.

A few precautions: Measurements must be taken from seam to seam.

Don't be too rigid, a few cm of slack doesn't change the fit much. However, we advise not to go beyond the three cm difference.


Size Guide - Shirts, Sweaters, Jackets


Size Guide - Pants


Size Guide - Skirts

For each article we give a score from 1 to 10 based on the conditions in which it is found

10/10 - New item with tag. It has no defects.

9/10 Item new or like new. It has no defects.

8/10 Excellent condition. It may show some minimal signs of wear such as small spots in places that are not visible

7/10 Good general condition. It may have defects or stains visible in photos that do not compromise the integrity of the garment

6/10 Sufficient conditions. Items that are visibly used or have stains or defects visible in the photos.